Stefan Allen

Stefan Lucas is a fine artist that grounds his artistic practice with the meditative yet traditional techniques of life drawing and plein air painting.

This foundation acts as a framework for an absolute non logical experimental and chaotic painting practice.

Ultimately as an artist and a teacher, he is seeking to deepen the impossibly perfect balance between, order and chaos, active and passive, left and right brain.



Figure drawing is a wonderful exercise in being present, patient and observant.

The true nature of figure drawing is the nature of deep observation and during this class I will share specific techniques that one can use to draw what their eyes see an not what their mind thinks.

The entire class will be focused on one three hour long pose with one nude model, so come prepared with a sketchbook or piece of paper and some drawing supplies of your choice (Some paper and drawing supplies may be provided if you do not have any at all, but we cannot provide supplies for everyone).

I look forward to meeting you and observing with you.