Antara Dakini


Liberation Dance Director and Founder of Moon Dance Austria Circle

is fully committed to the path of transformation, truth, growth and self knowledge. 
She has visited many sacred places of Mother Earth, from ashrams to indigenous ancient dance ceremonies, where ancient knowledge has flown through her being, to reconnect her with her own wisdom, power and love. She has been walking and honoring the Red Path and the White path for many lives and give thanks to both of her biggest “Spiritual Life Universities.”

I honor all Great Masters, Sacred Traditions and Ancestors-Wisdom Keepers of Mother Earth. They are the ones who remind me to walk my path with love, integrity, acceptance, truth, awareness and compassion.”



is a Dance Ritual where deep cleansing and healing happens in our bodies, thoughts and soul. Liberation Dance invites you to express whatever you are carrying inside and enables you to let go with the flow of the music. The many journeys of Liberation Dance are accompanied and supported by amazing music and guides, who in very subtle ways, create powerful fields for the inner awakening of feelings and experiences inside you. Liberation Dance invites you to get free of old memories stuck in your bodies cells and to access high states of trance where the divine is manifested in your soul. Over the years, Liberation Dance has developed into a dance project that honors the ancient shamanic dance rituals of our ancestors, as a strong base for new alternative versions of contemporary ecstatic dances.


Moon Dance is and Ancient Dancing Woman’s Ritual, a deep path of connecting with the nature, the elements, Mother Earth and the spirit Worlds. In this Ritual woman’s from all races, ages, and religious we come together to dance, sing and pray for Mother Earth and for the Awakening of our inner Truth and humanity. For 4 days and nights we come together with the intention to bring us closer to Mother Nature again and to re-establish our connection with our ancestors and the wisdom that is behind our lineages. Moon Dance has been exist for the past 29 years in the Mother Moon Dance Circle in Mexico, and this 2021 is the 4th year of our beautiful powerful Moon dance Circle in Austria.